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If you’re still following me I’m continuously surprised, but thank you! I just added a HUGE amount of caps to the queue, so that will last a while~

I have a lot more to add (I only added/got rid of like 300/800 pictures I’ve had saved today) as well but it wont let me right now, so as it lessens up I have more to add right back in. Enjoy~

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Galaxy Express 999 episode 33

Okay I just want to talk about this for a second.

This girl is living on the planet, and after buying a mechanical body she says she will spend the rest of her life making the same screw for the rest of her life to pay for it.

It’s totally understandable of Tetsuro not wanting to stay, because he has his own life. But then, after stopping her from (I guess) committing suicide thanks to him leaving, they convince her to make the screw that the train needs, which no one else will make. And then they just leave her to go back to her dull life.

I know they can’t take her with them, but it’s like. You could have given her some money? You could have given her compensation for the screw that nobody else would make. Don’t the passengers get allowances? Did they spend it all on that hotel, or can’t they spare a little money to someone in debt that helped them out? Couldn’t the train pay her for a part they need? It seems like they wanted to just get it for free, that’s probably why no one would make the screw for them. If you know someone has some sort of huge debt I wouldn’t think you’d just take something like this and not give some sort of exchange. Not help them out. Tetsuro really shows that he wasn’t really being kind and looking out for her in the street like she thought; if he was being kind he would have helped her get out of debt when she does him a service.

In the end, they leave her with the belief that because people use the screws it’s okay to simply give up her life to making them. Of course, she told Tetsuro that he was “the first person to ever be nice to her” (I’m tired of that kind of character). And she was suicidal after he left her. So she probably was at rock bottom and that small accomplishment was blown into something it wasn’t and gave her a reason to live. She was shown that she can do… something, and that there’s a reason for her to live. But she doesn’t take time to realize that it’s the exact thing she hated, and that there’s more that she could be doing that that! There’s more to life! She gives up thoughts of more to give into the reassurance that her dull job is helping people. She settles.

Whatever, I’m over analyzing something that doesn’t need to be over analyzed. I wonder how this speaks about me.

Accept your dull lives children, you can’t escape them.

This is the truth sometimes.